Who we are

Our Story

Visartech Software Simulations is a branch of the American-based and Ukrainian-rooted company Visartech, Inc., established in January 2010.


Helping businesses to grow better

By saving its resources and improving efficiency

After four years of great expertise in iOS native applications and Unity-based game development, we decided to move forward and established our Software Simulations branch in July 2014 to fulfill the gap and be on top of trending innovations in the fast-growing Virtual Training and Simulations market.

By the end of 2018 we are assisting more than 30 businesses (mostly in Sports, Healthcare and Education industries) to build their training and educational eco-systems by creating visual solutions for easy, interactive and effective employees’ education.

The goal of our work is happy customers, and for us it means improved daily workflow, reduced risks and eliminated the fear of complex jobs for our clients. With our Virtual Trainings and Simulations, employees can reproduce their mistakes and improve the reactions by training muscle memory to automatize responses in critical situations.

Our Vision

Our Mission

We aim to take the corporate trainings to the next level using the cutting-edge technologies and help your business stay competitive and effective in this fast-evolving technological world

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    How virtual trainings and simulations help business

    Our customers using Virtual Trainings and Simulations on the everyday basis share their experience in reducing training costs (and time) by 70%, with the rise of productivity by 40% after every training session. Reducing training costs is not the only positive for a business. Another one is a rise of brand awareness and internal corporate culture, especially in the very fast changing job markets like Heavy Machinery and Mining. Workers positively respond to new technologies and, according to our internal surveys, feeling care from their employers.

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    How virtual trainings and simulations help education

    The best way to get someone to study is to turn their studies into a game. Gamification opens the next level of the education process - now training can take place anywhere and anytime, even during urgencies. It’s like playing a video game - making 1000 mistakes with no consequences. Also, there’s no risk of equipment damage during the training.

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    How virtual trainings and simulations change the world

    Remember Star Trek and holographic simulation room on Enterprise? Being huge fans of Gene Roddenberry's universe, we believe that the future is near, practically at our doorstep. Now, every risk or doubt situation, that could be met in everyday life, can be easily simulated and trained to be avoided. Military, Healthcare, Emergency and Oil & Mining sectors meet with risk every day, and it can not be calculated and avoided without our virtual training. That’s why the simulations are making the world more effective and comfortable place for living, reducing the number of errors in health- and life-hazardous cases.


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    Tell me more about your company?

    As it was mentioned before, we started as a game studio, however as a market evolves every day, we understood that businesses nowadays need innovative technology solutions and immersive capabilities more and more. So we started to develop virtual trainings and simulations for healthcare, educational and industrial sectors.

    Visartech Inc. is registered in the US. The Development branch is located in Kyiv, Ukraine.

    We use Unity engine for all our projects, it is the cross-platform engine which allows developing the projects for different platforms at once. Historically, we have strong math expertise, so our major strengths are complex solutions, multiplayer, physics and client/server architecture.

    Our team consists of 20 of high performing and experienced professionals who specialize in virtual training development, immersive simulations, and mobile applications.

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    How do you usually work?

    We work by Time & Material model and have a flat rate.

    You pay a flat rate based on hours used by performers only. Performers are non-managing part of a team, namely: developers, artists, technical artists, music or sound composers. All managing team members hours are non-billable. The team consists of:

    • Project Manager - responsible for delivery, communicate with the customer and prioritize tasks.

    • Technical Leader - responsible for architecture and code quality.

    • Quality assurance - responsible for testing bugs or issues reporting.

    • UX/UI designer - responsible for user experience quality based on Client’s feedback.

    Based on our experience, only in this way, having a full team, it’s possible to provide a high-quality product.

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    I want to work by fixed price, is it possible?

    Let us explain why we do not work by fixed price.

    As it is software development, sometimes it is impossible to predict everything. That is why, when companies go by fixed price, they usually include all the potential risks in the price (just in case) and thus the price is higher for %30-%50, depending on the project.

    The other thing is - flexibility. Working by fixed price, you’re not flexible and you are not able to make any changes in process, as it will take more time and as a result, exceed the budget indicated in the contract. I do understand your concerns.

    However, when we go hourly, you pay only for the actual efforts we spend on your project. Moreover, you control the budget as we never start the new task before your approval. At the end of each week, our Project Manager will provide you with detailed reports on the work done and the number of working hours spent. If it is convenient for you, we can also make short daily meetings to always keep you updated.

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    Does Visartech work with small, start-up companies?

    Absolutely. We work with companies large and small. We’re interested in developing partnership-minded relationships where we can provide value.

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    How long does it take to get set-up?

    As you understand, set-up times vary based on the scope of the project. But usually, it takes between 2 and 3 weeks.