Slava Podmurnyi

CEO. 12 years of experience in IT. Wide expertise in management, business development, and software development. My dream is to make the world a better place with art and technologies.

Slava Podmurnyi

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What is Interactive App and Why It Matters for Your Business

An interactive app term may be applied to a wide range of applications. Put it simply, it is an application that allows users to...
5 min read

Case Study: Husqvarna Chainsaw Assembly Simulation. How We’ve Developed a Universal Engine

Overview This is a demo of Husqvarna Chainsaw Assembly simulation for HTC Vive headset. It was developed specifically for the VR event in Kyiv....
0 37 sec read

Case Study: VR Conference Room. How to Organize Remote Immersive Meetings

Overview VR Conference Room is a German startup, aiming to enable international businesses with distributed offices to organize remote immersive meetings using VR technology....
1 min read

Case Study: SkyTrak. How to Improve ​Golf Skills with Simulation Platform

About Client SkyTrak provides entertaining technology solutions to avid sports enthusiasts for game improvement. The biggest focus is a golf indoor and outdoor trainings....
1 min read

10 Reasons Why You Should Write Technical Specification

Wonder why you’d need a specification and what the benefits would be? For a start let’s figure out the definition itself. Technical specification or...
1 min read

How to Prepare and Guide Employees for VR Training?

Your employees often neglect their training because they see it as something unconnected to their work duties in addition to boring formalities.  If it’s...
2 min read

10 Common Misconceptions about VR Training and How We Dispelled Them

There are many misconceptions going around virtual training, that’s why here we’ll leave our counterarguments and bust some myths at the same time! Myth...
3 min read

Virtual Reality Simulations to Elevate Training: 5 Industries That Can Benefit

The most evident advantage of training in VR is when things go wrong you simply have to hit the reset switch. Another one but...
2 min read

Searching for VR Opportunities

On 22nd of October in «Kyiv» cinema a VR opportunities conference took a place and as a passionate fan of immersive technologies and culture&art...
1 min read

Why Outsourcing Can Be the Best Solution for Your Product?

High-Quality virtual training is nowadays a rare product of one person or a bunch of developers. Most often it requires a whole team of...
1 min read