Vasyl Latushko

Tech Lead. 5 years of experience in IT. Broad expertise in software development, business, and technical leadership. I believe responsibility, commitment, and integrity help to produce high-quality products.

Vasyl Latushko

3 Articles by Vasyl Latushko

What’s New in Unity3D 2020 and How It Can Boost Businesses

Unity has announced their big release of Unity3D 2020 and the new functionality it brings to us. We’re excited to describe how the latest...
5 min read

How to Improve Learning Speed and Quality Using a New Strategy Enhanced by Innovative Technologies

The amount of information in the world grows exponentially and so should our learning speed. But, as we all know, speed decreases the quality...
4 min read

Real Size on Screen Challenge

Have you ever experienced difficulty making objects have a real-world size on screens of different dimensions? Our Tech lead Vasyl Latushko shared some valuable...
1 min read