28 Feb 2019

10 Reasons Why You Should Write Technical Specification

A technical specification is a powerful tool, its usefulness transcends merely defining scope and complexity. A technical specification document provides developers with clearly defined goals, direction, and ultimately allows for better management of the client's expectations.


20 Feb 2019

How to prepare and guide employees for VR training?

Training with the use of VR technology can benefit employees of all ages and backgrounds, but you may need to guide them through the process for better adoption.


13 Dec 2018

Virtual Reality Simulations to elevate Training: 5 industries that can benefit

You will probably agree that the completion of the training with its old traditional approach does not guarantee that the training program has enhanced the learner’s skills, especially in industries where there is a lot of focus on procedures and processes and only a single mistake of employee may become very expensive to the organization as a result.


26 May 2017

Why outsourcing can be the best solution for your product?

Some tips on how outsourcing could be the best solution for your business from our Business Development Team.