Searching for VR Opportunities

23 Oct 2018

VR Opportunities

On 22nd of October in «Kyiv» cinema a VR opportunities conference took a place and as a passionate fan of immersive technologies and culture&art at the same time, I simply didn’t have any right to miss it!

The conference was held in frames of New German Сinema Week Festival, which was organized by Goethe-Institut Ukraine and Arthouse Traffic, and was dedicated to new media, cinematography, culture and virtual reality&immersive storytelling topics.

The main guest of the event was Mika Johnson: first and last foreign speaker here, originally from the Czech Republic, but spent most of his childhood in the US and you could feel it by his great English speech and pronunciation. He is a filmmaker, photographer, and writer who likes combining strong narratives with new media and whose most recent project, «The Metamorphosis VR», visitors of «Kyiv» cinema could check and experience on themselves — so did I. The project was realized with the help of animators, modelers and it took them 6 weeks to rebuild every single item from Kafka’s room, a lot of pieces were constructed by hand in order to create unique product. You could spare my experience, watching the short trailer of this masterpiece:

Another interesting speaker Alona Stulii, a young Ukranian director that present virtual tour project «Chornobyl 360» exists already about 3 years and gain popularity abroad. Unfortunately, it’s still in beta-version due to lack of stable financing. But even in beta,  it’s educational and entertaining together, that involves interaction with partcipant. You may check the presentation of it below:

After Alona a word took Alexey Furman with his «Aftermath VR: Euromaidan», storytelling about the tragic events of the morning February 20, 2014, in a virtual reality format:

Alexey was a witness of that day events and it impacted on him a lot. After studying few years abroad, Alexey is coming back to Kyiv and has a wish to tell and show this memorable story to the rest of the world, «without anguish and excess decorations, just how it was» — he clarifies.

As we can see the market of creative industries and immersive technologies is developing and growing at very high speed, Ukraine does not stay aside and all these new projects are proof of it. I just excitedly wonder how many of new ones will appear by the next year and what they will tell us and what they will bring into this world. However, we should always remember about two sides of the technology and in the midst of technical progress to not forget about us – people, nature, and love.